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I will eventually turn this into a portfolio - For now its my SEO test site.

Aaron Flax

Data Analyst at Verizon Wireless


by admin | October 20, 2009 | In Nothing Specific

Welcome to my little world.   My little online brain repository.   Yep that about sums up this page.  Yes this page is being worked on. If you notice, I haven’t done much On-Site SEO yet, but there is a reason. I’m running quite a few tests through the engines to see which ones pull what info and from where. I will eventually have more content and give the details of my research.

Until then…Go Find Yourself…Online.

Running a few more tests for phrases: SEO Analyst Columbus Ohio, SEO Consultant Columbus Ohio, Search Engine Optimization Company in Ohio & SEO Company in Ohio. Many more tests coming and also lots being removed once the results are shown.

Currently reading up on Micro Formatting and RDFa structures to enhance websites and to help the search engines better understand what your site is about. Snippet from my Twitter: A: to Microformating & RDFa basic info (for those that asked) – MicroFormatting Info – | RDFa Info Check out the “How To” section for How to Microformat Your Products.

I recently did some research on Google, Yahoo and Bing and I will have to say that I am quite disappointed with Yahoo’s and Bing’s overall SERPs. I simply did a search for my name and Google brought up relevant sites that I have created profiles on while Bing didn’t even bring up my site (which isn’t a big surprise because I haven’t focused heavily on SEO yet) and Yahoo brought up my site but maybe only 3-5 relevant results. I will post more information once I give the Engines a few more weeks but hopefully next time I test it out Yahoo and Bing will step it up a notch.

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